COVIDSafe Plan

SASS Meeting - COVIDSafe Entry Conditions

  1. Maximum number attending at one time will be limited to 90.
  2. If you have experienced a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or have travelled overseas in the past month, please do not attend this SASS Meeting.
  3. Attendees must either sign in with their name and contact number or use a QR code and the ServiceNSW App to register for this Meeting to allow contact tracing if required. The QR Code and Sign-in sheet will be displayed at the entrance.
  4. Attendees must show proof of double vaccination
  5. Attendees must wear MASKS inside
  6. Please follow signs for
    • Physical Distancing
    • Hand Sanitization - Sanitize hands each time you leave your seat.
      • Sanitise hands before and after handling any Stockbooks (CMS or others)
      • Use your own tweezers to extract stamps from books.
      • Auction Lots must not be touched without sanitising prior to and after each visit to view the lots
      • Use your own pen to mark Auction lots.
    • Movement control
  7. Please stay seated as much as practical and do not move around the hall unless necessary.
    • Maximum two people to a table.
    • Notify Committee Member when you are leaving so your table space may be sanitised before being used again.
  8. Please limit cash transactions.
    • Auction will be conducted using Bidder Cards which will be issued.
  9. Until further notice no food or drinks will be provided or can be made at the venue.

    Members must bring their own Thermos/Drinks and any food they wish to consume..

Download the full entry requirements document PDF

Download the full Covid Safety Plan document PDF