Donate Your Used Postage Stamps

CMS (Church Missionary Society) of NSW benefits from your used stamps.

Members of the Sydney Anglican Stamp Society meet fortnightly, spending at least 4 hours each time trimming and sorting stamps. Valuable stamps are sold at stamp shows and excess stamps (or those of lesser value) are sold by weight at auction.

Please do not trim stamps or take them off pre 1940 envelopes as these may have more value as envelopes than as stamps.

Last calendar year over $17,000 was raised and used by CMS to support missionaries on location worldwide.

Please send (or deliver) your used stamps to – CMS Stamps, Level 5, 51 Druitt St SYDNEY 2000

Get your Church or School community involved in helping support CMS in the great work it does.

If you have any questions about donations they can be directed to

SASS President email SASS President